Get Some Gondry

On this blog, I’ve talked before about how much I love director Michel Gondry’s work. Hell, the banner for this site started as a picture from Gondry’s masterpiece Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (my favorite movie) before I changed it to one from another Gondry film Dave Chappelle’s Block Party. I’m a big fan of the films he’s directed and his unique visual sensibility, which combines the simple and sweet with the elaborate and haunting. His music videos are some of the best and most recognizable examples of the art form, using camera trickery and prop mastery to create incredible new worlds around the songs. I know, a good mix, right? In the past week, I think I’ve talked glowingly about at least five of his music videos to friends or coworkers of mine.  So here are some of my favorites.

This one was really hard to explain to my coworkers, and I think took me a few times to really understand what was going on in the video. The scope of it is pretty amazing.

Cibo Matto – Sugar Water (Buy It)

Yet another hard one to explain, but such a fun video for such a fun song. Here Gondry incorporates some Busby Berkeley-choreography stuff alongside a variety of prismatic  imagery.

Chemical Brothers – Let Forever Be (Buy It)

Most of Gondry’s videos have a “How’d he do that?” factor, and “Knives Out” is no exception. I might be wrong (ha, Radiohead pun), but I’m almost positive that this video is all one shot. And set in a tiny room. Pretty impressive!

Flaming Lips – Knives Out (Radiohead cover) (Buy It)

He’s worked with The White Stripes since almost the beginning, creating the iconic video for their first big hit. The video for “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” showcases Gondry’s love of projecting, whether rear or otherwise, in this case to produce a house of ghosts.

The White Stripes – Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (Buy It)

Man, I wish there was a higher-quality version of this on Youtube, because this is a video you really want to see all the little details. Yet another White Stripes video, and yet another insanely crafted piece. Following the band’s week-long stint as the musical guest on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Gondry picks up the story in a super trippy, just flat-out ridiculous video.

The White Stripes – The Denial Twist (Buy It)

I wrote about Beck’s “Cellphone’s Dead” way back, mostly about how he was a little bit of a rip-off artist. But even with a stolen bass/drum line, the song is pretty sweet and the video is even sweeter. Gondry made one of my other favorite Beck videos for the song “Deadweight” (featuring a walking drumset!) and reprises the spotlight used in Eternal Sunshine.

Beck – Cellphone’s Dead (Buy It)

I don’t know if this is an official music video, since I don’t think the song itself is all that official. The video, a product of the previously mentioned Dave Chappelle’s Block Party is a stunning piece of animation to go along with a stunning song. And that’s really what the whole thing should be about, right? Unfortunately, I don’t have this song to give you, but here’s another, more recent song from Mr. ChesnuTT.

Cody ChesnuTT – Come Back Like Spring (Buy CC music)

For more info on all of these and other Gondry videos, click HERE.

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