Charlotte and Adam Discuss: Monsters, Chains and Starlets


Charlotte: So do you think it’s worth approximately $50 for me to see the Monsters of Folk by myself?

Adam: No. But I currently have an unemployed brain, so take that into consideration.

Charlotte: I’m basically broke. So nevermind.

Adam: Did you get that album?

Charlotte: Yessir. Yim Yames.
Does Monsters of Folk have an album?

Monsters of Folk – Whole Lotta Losing

Adam: Yeah, it just came out.

Charlotte: WELL. Goodbye, approx. $10.

Adam: Haha

Charlotte: Is it all covers?

Adam: No, I don’t think any of it is covers.

Charlotte: Hm.


Charlotte: Beat me to it.
Oh I was confused. They play their own stuff (Bright Eyes and My Morning Jacket stuff) live too.

Adam: Haha, M. Ward can go screw himself?

Charlotte: Yes he can, as long as he continues trying to trick the world into thinking Zooey Deschanel ISN’T tone deaf.

She & Him – Sentimental Heart (buy)

Adam: Hahahaa.
Oh her voice is so bad. Every time I see that cotton commercial she did, I think, “People buy cds of this?”

Charlotte: I KNOW.
People think this is how old-timey voices are supposed to sound. And they’re not! There are good old-timey singers (like Jolie Holland) not getting their due and this b is hawking cotton with that whining.

Jolie Holland – Stubborn Beast (buy)

Adam: Is that what it is? That people think she’s old-timey?
I just figured she was popular enough to cloud peoples’ judgment of her voice. Being the adorable pixie deliverer and all.

Charlotte: She has that affected tone in her voice. Trying to croon.
And also she’s pretty, and pretty people get to do whatever they want!  Everyone knows!

Adam: Haha, slightly prettier than Scarlett Johansson, whose music is equally slightly less-successful.

Charlotte: You think she’s prettier than Scarlett Johansson?

Adam: I do, in fact.

This is not a choice that will ever need to be made in real life.

This is not a choice that will ever need to be made in real life.

Poor Scarlett Johansson. No one wants to hear you sing!

Adam: Not even Tom Waits songs. The ultimate indie-dude magnet.

Scarlett Johansson – Anywhere I Lay My Head (buy)

Charlotte: Teaming up with Pete Yorn didn’t work neither – next time, jump on a bandwagon that can write good music!
Ya burn’t Scarlett.

Adam: Hahaha, ouch.

Charlotte: I actually like her, what am I saying.
I’m full of piss and vinegar today.

Adam: I thought that was a burn on Pete Yorn.

Charlotte: Well burn them both.
It was. I am comfortable sending bad vibes his way.

Adam: Haha. He’s yet another person whose work I don’t know well enough to dislike.
When I try to remember that one hit song he had, all that pops up in my brain is “Back on the Chain Gang” by The Pretenders.

Charlotte: Hahahahahaha. Life on a Chain. Almost!
His first album was really not bad. His second album was lousy.
When he can get a hook it’s good.

Pete Yorn – Life on a Chain (buy)

Adam: Then screw that guy too. I’m willing to hate based on recommendations.

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2 responses to “Charlotte and Adam Discuss: Monsters, Chains and Starlets

  1. I was reading this and once you got to Z-Desch (can I call her that?), I was hoping you’re bring up Scarlett’s wack ass. And you did! It’s like you guys get me!

    Love it!
    ps: i’m full of piss and vinegar today, too.

  2. “That convo was TBK*!”

    *The Bees’ Knees, patent pend

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