Summer Mix ’09


Charlotte reminded me — about a month ago, we have slow reaction times around here — that I was obligated to post a summer mix, so here it is!

Summer’s been kind of a weird process so far this year. Most of the season has been nasty (see post below), with random beautiful days sprinkled in between. Non-weather life has been just as bipolar, with deaths and births, jobs gained and lost, houses bid on and outbid on, trips planned and scrapped, some friends made and some becoming estranged, relationships started and ended. There have been some amazing moments too — seeing the sun set over the Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn waterfront on a Sunday evening, feeling the breeze come off the water and listening to a wonderful new band perform.  Or a Friday afternoon with the sun playing through the trees, spent sitting on a Tompkins Square Park bench, slipping into a moment of contentment so deep you want to cry. This summer has had enough of these sanity-saving minutes to more than make up for any crisis.

Anyway, back to the mix. It’s got some old stuff, some new stuff. Some stuff that’s old, but is new to me. Hopefully it’ll bring smiles to your faces and sunshine to your speakers.

EDIT: Everything should be fixed now, following a silly problem with our file-hosting site. Please let us know if there are any other issues with getting the music. And thanks for visiting!

1. Regina Spektor – Us (Buy It)

2. Jay-Z – Sweet (Nigerian Gangster version) (Get It)

3. Matt and Kim – Lessons Learned (Buy It)

4. Rye Rye – Bang (feat. MIA) (Buy It)

5. Bob Mould – City Lights (Days Go By) (But It)

6. The Dirty Projectors – Temecula Sunrise (Buy It)

7. Solomon Burke – Maggie’s Farm (B. Dylan cover) (Buy SB music)

8. Deceptikon – Montana (feat. Cyne) (Buy Deceptikon music)

9. Mos Def – Revelations (Buy It)

10. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Vanessa from Queens (Buy It)

11. Stereolab – Neon Beanbag (Buy It)

12. J Dilla – I Told Y’All (Buy It)

13. Tokyo Police Club  – Be Good (Buy It)

14. Atlas Sound – Walkabout (feat. Noah Lennox) (Buy AS music)

15. Raekwon – Wu-Ooh (Back from the Slums) (feat. Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Only Built) (Buy Raekwon music)

16. Dan Deacon – Okie Dokie (Buy It)

17. Amadou et Mariam – I Follow You (Buy It)

18. Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks (Buy It)

19. Zero-7 – Somersault (Dangermouse remix, feat. MF Doom) (Buy Zero-7 music)

20. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – Rappaport’s Testament (I Never Gave Up) (Chumbawumba cover) (Buy TL&TP music)

21. Natural Self – Olufeme (remix) REMOVED BY ARTIST REQUEST (NS info here)


Both photos are of Madison Square Park, New York.

posted by Adam


4 responses to “Summer Mix ’09

  1. oh how I heart Adam mixes…

  2. out of bandwidth :(

  3. amazing mix–exactly my taste. thanks.

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