Alls Fair

It’s about to get real emo up in here.

Sebastien Grainger – Love Can Be So Mean (buy)

When I’m upset music doesn’t usually help.  It will only intensify whatever misery I’m already working with.  But it’s very present.  I heard this song in my head almost immediately the last time I felt acute, intense pain:

Cat Stevens – Trouble (buy)

And while I’m already feeling bad, I might as well dwell for a minute:

A.C. Newman – The Heartbreak Rides (buy)

Sam Cooke  – Tennessee Waltz (buy)

The Clash – Every Little Bit Hurts (buy)

Cake – Friend Is a Four Letter Word (buy)

And now I move on, and forward, which is the silver lining in every bummer heights high experience.  Besides, it’s only feelings.


F.O.C. – Hurt Feelings (buy)

And when the breeze picks up, it’s really nice outside.

posted by Charlotte


One response to “Alls Fair

  1. If only I could still afford HBO…

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