FOC + Gondry = Magic

Being without HBO, I haven’t been able to catch much of this season of the Flight of the Conchords tv show, with the exception of the first episode — you can watch it for free here. I was a huge fan of the first season, which, with the help of some wonderful youtube users willing to flaunt the law, I managed to see all of. Luckily, some of the songs from this season have ended up online,  including a couple from Episode 5, which was directed by Michel Gondry — one of the craziest and most inventive directors around these days. You can see the magic at work with the video above, which involves a unisex dance-party and some interesting use of disco balls.

Flight of the Conchords – Too Many Dicks

And then there’s the more whimsical side of Gondry, which shines through in the video above, for the song “Carol Brown (Choir of Ex-Girlfriends),” which I must have watched at least fifty times this past week. It helps that the song is catchy as hell and pretty funny, but the real charm is the bizarre visual stuff going on in the video. Jemaine goes through his list of how his girlfriends ditched him while controlling their images with a video editing console turned into a guitar, and Bret uses a different console/bass to change Jemaine’s appearance as his ex’s list their (legit) criticisms and sing the chorus. Like the best of collaborations, it combines the best elements of both parties, producing something fantastic.

The other songs from this season have been a little disappointing, with FOC edging towards more straight song parody than original stuff. But there have been some good moments too, like the song “Friends” with guest Jim Gaffigan (great standup comedian), which you can watch/listen to below:

Flight of the Conchords – Friends

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4 responses to “FOC + Gondry = Magic

  1. same! youtube, why have you failed me?
    I miss my kiwis.
    cannot wait until the damn season drops on dvd.

  2. PS thanks for the mp3s =)

  3. Hey, our pleasure Hanan. And thanks for reading!

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