A Cure for Insanity


That’s right Medical Science! Your boy Adam has beaten you to it. My job has been on the ridiculous side for a ridiculous amount of time, and only by listening to a couple of songs obsessively have I managed to avoid the typical fixtures of the crazy person: Yelling at strangers and … well, mostly yelling at strangers. If I ever lost my mind, I feel like I’d just go around New York yelling at people who are inconsiderate. And they’d say, “Oh, there’s that crazy guy who is always trying to bring a little politeness to this town by scaring people into being nice to each other,” then wondering aloud, “Is ‘politeness’ even a word? I guess it must be. I can’t think of a better one.” Inspiring consideration and a little vocabulary education, that’s what Insane Adam would be all about. Right now though, Sane Adam is all about these songs.

A version of Mississippi John Hurt’s “The Ballad of Louis Collins,” Garcia and Grisman’s  practically oozes out of the speakers with the warmth of a bunch of guys just messing around with a lovely tune. “Hey, I thought you was gonna trickle in …,” Garcia teases, and as Grisman’s light mandolin does its trickling, Jerry practically whispers his sad story.

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman – Louis Collins (Buy It)

I’m convinced that even with her sometimes-shrill-sometimes-kinda-like-a-creepy-little-kid voice, this song will slow your heart rate by at least 10 bpm (70-75 is normal, so says wikipedia). It’s relaxation by whimsy.

Joanna Newsom – Cassiopeia (Buy It)

So I guess most “hippie” music is pretty relaxing in general, and that’s definitely the case with most of Phish’s catalogue. As our very own Matt could tell you, Vermont is a pretty relaxing place to be, and I like to imagine that Trey Anastasio sings everyone in the whole state to bed (personally) with this song. Don’t tell me it’s not true Matt! Or anyone else who lives in Vermont!

Phish – Sleep (Buy It)

And now you’re cured of all insanity and anxiety and all bad things forever and ever. Tell your friends — hahamusic changes lives!

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