Bye-Bye Bush


It’s been an interesting day for our country.  I’ll freely admit that before this election, I was going around with a head full of bad news and doom, thinking the end of the world was going to come any day, any minute. I was certain that we were standing at the cliff’s edge and that even a little gust of wind would push us all over that edge.

The Coup – BabyLet’sHaveABabyBeforeBushDoSomethin’Crazy (feat. Silk E) (Buy It)

Eight years of the most heinous, dangerous bullshit artists and thugs running the show. Eight years of arrogance and greed, lies and cover-ups, incompetence and failure. Of violence, paranoia and fear. Those eight years come to an end today.

Gil Scott-Heron – We Almost Lost Detroit (Buy GS-H music)

And while the visions of the end-days have dimmed a little, don’t think me naive enough to expect that all that nasty stuff disappeared the moment Obama took that awkward oath (way to drop the ball, Roberts). Politics in its nature caters to power-hungry liars and thieves, and that will never go away no matter who is in office. But it’s a new beginning for America and for the world. We may still be standing on the edge of that cliff, but at least we’re facing the right way this time.

Like the song says:

Make way for the positive day / ‘Cause it’s a new day / It’s a new time / And it’s a new feeling / Said it’s a new sign / Oh, what a new day.

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Positive Vibrations (Buy It)

Oh what a new day indeed.

posted by Adam


2 responses to “Bye-Bye Bush

  1. So.. you are saying a politician.. from chicago, from illinois (where we just cut the b*lls off our governor and kicked him out of office) you are saying a man from THAT environment, who NEVER stood up against the machine. Never was cut down in the press, never was shut up by the mayor. Never made a name for standing against the HUGE WALL OF GRAFT … will now do it in washington.

    YOu liberals are silly children.

    Most conservatives I know were VERY disappointed with bush and the whole party. We know that we held our noses voting for McCain. But you.. you believed in hope and change spoken by a lying socialist loving baby killing gun destroying elitist pig?

    Just wait.

    God.. even in the last few days how many of his appointees are CHEATERS?

    you are an idiot.. most artists i know are so politically STUPID and IDIOTIC its to be cried about.

    You will paint us , write us, sing us right into the corner of the plantation.

    A hearty fck you to your ilk. Its time for artists to take back free markets and an understanding of what FREEDOM MEANS!

    it is NOT government taking care of your diapered *SS!

  2. Haha, delightful!

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