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Merry Christmas, merry Christian readers, and (a slightly belated) Happy Hannukah, happy Hebrew readers. From all of us here, from the frozen northern states of Vermont and New York to the slightly-less frozen southern state of Virginia, we hope you’re having a peaceful and safe one. Me, I’ll be staying in New York for Christmas, getting takeout, hanging out with the few people who stayed in town, and avoiding midtown like a plague-infested stink hole that a meteor just hit and left in flames, killing thousands and leaving their tourist corpses rotting in the streets. Unlike the midtown of the non-holiday season, which the meteor narrowly missed (still plague-infested and stink).

This song is great and about Jesus:

Snooks Eaglin – When They Ring Them Golden Bells (Buy SE music)

In other news, Lorddoctor and I are world-traveling this holiday season, and crossing the ocean to Spain this Saturday. I think we win the “Best Way to Spend 12 Days” Contest that we didn’t tell anyone else about so there were no other entries. A win is a win, people. So on top of the December holidays, have a wonderful New Year’s as well, and we’ll see you in 2009!

This song is great and has the same name as that place:

Chick Corea – Spain (Buy It)

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