Picture in a Frame


I was hanging out in the upstairs of the Starbucks over by Madison Square Garden tonight, dodging all the brit-rock fans heading over to the Garden for the Oasis show — just sitting by myself, slumped over a table, drinking overpriced orange juice, trying to make a dent in the book I’m reading and tuning out the conversations and Christmas music piped over the p.a.  And then, through the espresso machine’s hiss, I heard some piano chords that sounded familiar. A basic blues, but I knew it from those first notes. Could Starbucks be playing “Picture in a Frame” by Tom Waits? Does Starbucks do that now?

And after a few seconds of staring off into space, I could pick out that unmistakable voice and sat there, smiling like an idiot until the end, secretly wondering if I could convince the barista to play it again. And then over again. What a perfect, beautiful song.

Play it as many times as you want.

Tom Waits – Picture in a Frame (Buy It)

posted by Adam


One response to “Picture in a Frame

  1. I don’t tend to go to Starbucks unless a friend is working there and gives me free stuff for hours on end, but every time I go, they are playing interesting if not very good music. I have heard Tom Waits there before. So excellent.

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