It’s Not Easy Being Green

Sometimes you can find some pretty fantastic things on Youtube.

BUT, there’s one clip of Kermit and Ray singing together (on Cher’s tv show in 1975) that doesn’t appear to be anywhere on the whole internet. That’s the real lost treasure — these two videos just come in at a very close Third and Second. Amazing guitar on the Kermit rendition above, and amazing everything on Ray’s below.

Inspired by this post on Aquarium Drunkard a bit back (a must for fans of the Muppets!).

And if anyone knows the whereabouts of that Kermit/Ray video, let me know!

posted by Adam


3 responses to “It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. I came across your blog while searching for that elusive Kermit and Ray clip myself. I had it just three years ago and let it slip through my fingers. It was on a Muppet compilation VHS tape that I checked out from the Sonoma Library in California. (To the best of my memory). The performance blew my mind and is leaps and bounds better than any other Ray version out there. Had I known it would be so hard to find again, I might have ripped it. I may make the drive back to Sonoma soon to see if it still exists. Good luck

  2. Wow, Jim! Thank you so much! I think my family had that documentary on tape somewhere and that’s where I saw the clip to begin with. Seriously, great find!

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