Oh, How Sweet Doomsday Can Sound

Elliott Smith Wall

Similarly to some of Adam’s past posts, I discovered a borrowed song. Le Loup’s “Planes like Vultures” sounds EXACTLY like “Everything Means Nothing to Me” by Elliott Smith. Both songs have apocalyptic messages and Le Loup takes on Smith’s sweet-sounding approach to communicate something entirely negative. “Planes like Vultures” is the modern pop version of Smith’s piano piece.

Le Loup- Planes Like Vultures (Buy It)

Elliott Smith- Everything Means Nothing to Me (Buy It)

posted by Matt


4 responses to “Oh, How Sweet Doomsday Can Sound

  1. Dude can I buy pot from you?

    Seriously these two tracks sound nothing alike. If you want examples of Elliott Smith prominently featuring a refrain introduced early in a song in the latter half, you’ll find plenty on XO and Figure Eight (Happiness is a good one, as is Waltz #2). That’s really the only element I can hear in both of the above songs – otherwise, the tempo and time are different, as are the arrangements and even the treatment of the vocal parts.
    Is “Everything” really even a piano piece? Kind of sounds more like 3 part harmony to me.

  2. Ohhhhh damn! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! For the record, I think they do sound kinda similar, especially in the second half.
    Also, Matt, I didn’t know you were selling pot now! I know someone who might be interested. His name is Jesus Christ, and he’s interested in your eternal soul, vis a vis saving it. Look, I know in Vermont people might have you thinking that drugs are harmless and even “beneficial” in some cases. But they’re not the answer. Stop walking down that dark path and repent!

  3. Yeah it was really more of a rhetorical question – I mean to imply that he was stoned when he wrote that the Le Loup track is influenced heavily by Elliott Smith. It would be a criminal supposition that he would actually sell marijuana to me over the internet. Intelligent buyers of drugs usually conduct their purchases “vis-a-vis” – face to face. Still, to quote Eminem, “marijuana is everywhere, where was you brought up?”

  4. hmm. well, i’m checking out this “planes like vultures” song. and i don’t see too much similarity, except that it has an echo vibe to it. but that’s it. and this song is way too repetitive. i just don’t think that other music should be compared to elliott’s.

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