A Couple Pieces of Quick Business…

I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the awesome things about this blog (and I would assume most blogs) is that I can see who is linking to our site, and then follow those links to see who has been visiting. Most of the time, it’s just people looking for a picture of “ska” or “muse” or “amy winehouse crazy hair,” and that’s cool. I feel a little guilt pang, since we haven’t posted anything about ska, Muse, or Amy Winehouse’s crazy hair in a really long time, but it’s okay. Because every once in a while, we’ll get a link from somewhere cool, or at the very least interesting.

A recent example: I was checking the blog today, feeling low for not posting in a while (the last thing I posted was almost a month ago), and I noticed that we had been linked on a Facebook page. I’ve got a Facebook profile, so I followed the link, which took me to an event page. For the unfamiliar, on Facebook you can tell your internet friends about upcoming events and invite them and make comments and all that good stuff. The event page that linked to the post below (Matt’s link to the new Sigur Ros single and video) was from an event where some folks in Toronto invited some friends to a nude beach party (the Sigur Ros video is a bunch of naked folks running around). So a very sincere and not at all sarcastic or mocking WELCOME to the Toronto nude beach party-ers! And thank you for reading, our naked neighbors to the north! Oh, and if you do end up barbecuing, please remember to be careful. Maybe an apron, just for safety’s sake.

Other business! Both Charlotte and I, like the good internet people we are, have updated our Muxtapes! You can find them over to the right, under Contributor Muxtapes, and listen to them back to back for a double dose of streaming awesomeness.

And for the just-because-iveness of it all, here’s a great song I’ve been listening to a lot recently:

Husker Du – New Day Rising (Buy It)

If you listen to it loosely enough, it does sound like they’re saying “nude a rising” so that’s something I guess …

posted by Adam


2 responses to “A Couple Pieces of Quick Business…

  1. I was linked to your blog when looking for a ‘ska picture’ – it’s true. Still, great site, nice posts, fun songs. Keep it up!

  2. Well hey, thanks for the awesome comment, Tommy. Or should I say, Mr. Gun? And thanks for reading!

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