Sigur Who?

Sigur Ros wants you to know that they can have fun. Their new album “með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust” which means “with a buzz in our ears we played endlessly” will be released June 24th in the states. You can download their first song, “gobbledigook,” and get this- the song is all of three minutes and sixteen seconds. The cooing is cut down to a mere three-second burst. If you still don’t believe this album is lighter, read that Jonsi will sing a song in English and then go watch the new video for “gobbledigook,” filled with hippie skinny dippers.

Download “gobbledigook” and stream the video here.

posted by Matt


2 responses to “Sigur Who?

  1. Holy cow man — that’s a great track. Those guys must’ve gotten their hands on some Animal Collective albums over in Iceland…

  2. Hey, Great blog guys!


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