Charlotte and Adam Discuss: Band Breakup and Fan Heartache

Adam: That Death From Above 1979 album is really good by the way. I listened to it for two straight days.

Charlotte: I really like them, I need to get that somehow. The album art looked so cool I might get it on Lala or something. I kinda hesitate to like them too much now that they’ve split.

Adam: Haha, why?

Charlotte: What if I love them? What if they’re all I want in a band and they’re gone?

Adam: Then you’ll always have that one album to remember them by. Those 11 moments of pure joy.

Death from Above 1979 – Going Steady (Buy It)

Charlotte: To weep to. And all the heartbreak that follows.

Adam: Does that extend to bands who have multiple albums and have broken up?

Charlotte: Yes, if they are not dead now.

The Clash – Atom Tan (Buy It)

Adam: So you’re left in a constant state of pining for a reunion tour?

Charlotte: And crappy rarities and bootlegs that I overpay for.

Adam: Like who? Pavement? I can’t think of too many other broken up bands at the moment.

Charlotte: Um, Whiskeytown. Tried to fill that void with Ryan Adams. There’s maybe a few more, but not many. This is more hypothetical. It’s a little heartbreaking.

Whiskeytown – Empty Baseball Park (Buy It)

Adam: Haha, you might have a hard time finding a rock band that is stable enough to not break up. Stable enough, plus interesting.

Charlotte: There are lots of bands that stay together until the bitter end! I’m having a hard time thinking of bands that don’t. The fucking Replacements are still around and they only have two members left. Rocknroll means never saying die!

The Replacements – I Will Dare (Buy It)

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