Two Films To Delight And Educate

Hey everybody, back from my sanity-saving trip north. While in Vermont, I saw a couple movies I’d like to recommend to you:

First up is Super Amigos, the first two minutes of which you can watch above. The film is a documentary about professional wrestlers in Mexico City who also fight social ills as modern-day super heroes. Super Barrio fights landlords who attempt to evict their working-poor tenants unfairly. Super Gay battles rampant homophobia, counsels family members of victims of homophobic attacks and educates the community about AIDS and HIV. Super Animal fights against the cruel, yet popular sport of bullfighting. Super Ecologista fights the rising tide of pollution and deforestation, and Fray Tormenta fights poverty and drug use by taking in and mentoring street youth. It’s a pretty incredible production with, as you can hear and see in the clip above, fantastic music and visuals, including the heavy use of cartoons.

Check out the website here:

The second film is Jupiter’s Dance, a day-in-the-life documentary about the struggling musical community in the impoverished city of Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Though the film gives a few details on the political background of the country, the focus is mainly on the musicians themselves and the widely varied music they produce with little in the way of resources. The movie mostly focuses on the titular Jupiter Bokondji, leader of the Okwess International band and the band’s struggle to make it, or even put on a decent concert. The music in this movie is absolutely incredible (you’ll get a little bit of an idea from the trailer), and as I am extremely uneducated on Congolese music, if you’ll drop any idea of a good place to start learning more about it (a suggestion of an artist or compilation) in the comment section, I would greatly appreciate it.

And you can find more samples from the movie here.

In the meantime, update your queues and be on the lookout for these fantastic and interesting films!

posted by Adam


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