The Supposed Golden Path

I think this video pretty much sums up why you haven’t heard from me around these parts for a while. Only instead of the corporate hell in the video, picture the non-profit version (ie, plenty of guilt and long hours). I’m being dramatic, but you get the idea:

Jeez, I need a vacation or something. There’s a trip planned for next weekend to go up to Vermont to visit friends, and we’ll see if that does the trick. Breathing non-city air, spending some time not crammed into a subway train, in the open air instead of hemmed in by buildings all the time. At least for a little while. In the meantime, enjoy the song and its accompanying video– it’s a good one, especially the ending. That ending always gets me.

The Chemical Brothers – Golden Path (feat. Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips) (Buy It)

posted by Adam


One response to “The Supposed Golden Path

  1. I’ve been to Vermont and it’s exactly like that! All the time! Great video though, the ending got me as well.

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