Champions League Soccer is Back

I don’t get to watch too much soccer, being in a city that shuns TV and in a country that is yawningly moving towards a sentiment towards soccer, but I sure can follow it on the internet! With extensive coverage and up to the minute scores that pop up on the bottom right of Mozilla Firefox, I can easily follow Champions League soccer. Round of 16 starts tomorrow!

Another outlet I use is soccer literature. I started reading a book titled, Soccer Against the Enemy: How the World’s Most Popular Sport Starts and Fuels Revolutions and Keeps Dictators in Power. It’s less heavy than it sounds. As I was reading a chapter on South African soccer (timely since the next World Cup will be held there), I came across a short piece on the club team “Kaizer Chiefs.” I instantly thought of the Kaiser Chiefs and wondered if there is a connection. Sure enough, the name came to the band because Marcus Radebe, a famous Leeds United player started his professional career with the Kaizer Chiefs. Turns out Radebe was shot in South Africa and while not critically wounded, Radebe believed it was because a fan did not want him to leave the club. He did leave, moved on to Leeds United and became a local hero known as “The Chief.”

The Kaizer Chiefs stage a fierce rivalry annually in the Soweto Derby against the Orlando Pirates. If my knowledge of music were greater, I’d come up with a clever “rivalry” between the Kaiser Chiefs and a band with the name “Pirate” or “Orlando.” Until then, you’ll have to settle for the Kaiser Chiefs and a song by Mano Negra about “Santa Maradona”- the drug-addict turned talk show host Argentine soccer hero.

The Kaiser Chiefs- The Angry Mob (Buy here)

Mano Negra- Santa Maradona (Buy here)

posted by Matt


3 responses to “Champions League Soccer is Back

  1. Thank goodness The Kaiser Chiefs took that “z” out of the name, otherwise no audience in the world would like them.
    Great choice of songs, dude.

  2. ALSO: Listening to “Santa Maradona,” when the songs ends, “Gravity Rides Everything” by Modest Mouse starts playing. Bonus!

  3. It’s definitely a smart switch to Kaiser. The rival team is named the Orlando Pirates. Makes me think of Disney with an eye patch.

    Nothing like a bonus song!

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