LCD Is The New Lou Reed (is the new is the new…)

Other than Kimya Dawson (see the entry below), I’ve been listening a lot to a few LCD Soundsystem songs from his new album Sound of Silver. And the more I listen to them, the more I think that James Murphy (pictured above, right) must be a HUGE Lou Reed (pictured above, left) fan. Not just because of their vocal similarities (a not-great singing voice which always comes across endearing and earnest), or even their penchant for writing songs about New York, though those both definitely figure into it. It may have been because when listening to the LCD songs, I could immediately think of Lou Reed songs that corresponded to both their style and their intention. For example:

LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends

Lou Reed – Street Hassle

Both sprawling, slow-building city stories, the two songs above fit together like a glove (a pair of gloves?). Sure, the LCD tune doesn’t have Bruce Springsteen doing spoken-word, but it’s good all the same.

LCD Soundsystem – New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

Lou Reed – Perfect Day

Built on that Bowie-esque cabaret piano ballad style, Reed’s was actually produced by Bowie, Murphy’s just sounds like it could have been.

Buy Lou Reed and LCD Soundsystem music.

posted by Adam


3 responses to “LCD Is The New Lou Reed (is the new is the new…)

  1. Great post. First two songs are awesome.

  2. Perfect Day is my favorite song off of Transformer and maybe not coincidently I’ve been listening to it’s LCD Soundsystem equivalent all week. Nice.

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