Getting The Hell Out of Dodge

So I’m taking a short vacation, getting out of town for the holiday, as the title suggests. I’m also going to be taking a vacation from writing here for a little while. Maybe just this week, maybe the next couple weeks, I haven’t decided yet. You may have noticed the lack of our signature Cover Tuesday yesterday, a result of poor planning and forgetfulness on my part. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep real life from getting in the way of things we like doing. But never fear, I know that lorddoctor is working on a sweet post and when I come back, hopefully my head will be clear and I’ll be ready to write interesting and sometimes funny things about music again. In the meantime, keep hitting the links on the right, safe travels and a happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Here’s a great tune to get the rest of your week and your holiday kicked off right:

The Jam – Start (Buy It)

posted by Adam


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