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You may have guessed it from the title, but this post is about stuff I like. More specifically, a couple things that I’m really liking these days. Ok, so I really only like two things at the moment.

First up, there’s the cartoon “Lucy, Daughter of the Devil.” Fans of “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist” and “Home Movies” will remember most of the people involved, mostly the madman genius behind all three shows, Loren Bouchard. “Lucy…” is a kind of bizarre computer animated cartoon that involves Satan, his daughter, his advocate, a DJ named Jesus (the Spanish pronunciation), another DJ named Judas, two priests and a homicidal nun, and a cavalcade of other colorful characters, voiced by Jon Benjamin, Todd Barry, Eugene Mirman, Jon Glaser, Sam Seder and tons of others. You should watch the first episode here. The show is great, and so is the music, which is all composed and played by Bouchard. I’ve been listening to the songs (Bouchard gives some background and posts the songs here) over and over again. I was whistling “Paint the Town Red” over and over all day at work yesterday, and I’m sure pissing off my coworkers, but it doesn’t matter. It’s good.

Loren Bouchard – The End of the World

Loren Bouchard – Paint the Town Red

Loren Bouchard – Holding Hands Around the World

Loren Bouchard – Boss Meets Casio

You can also watch the new episode for free at Adult Swim’s video site.

The other thing I like is cool weather. Cold, but not too cold. Seeing your breath cold in the morning, but jeans, sweater and jacket (maybe a hoodie … maybe) cold in the afternoon. Of course, with a little sun so that it’s a little warmer in some spots too. That’s the weather here in New York today, and again … I like it a lot.

Yo La Tengo – Autumn Sweater (Buy It)

Nico – Fairest of the Seasons (Buy It)

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