Hey Hey Hooray! (Birthday)

The rumors are true: hahamusic is officially a year old today! I’m as surprised as all of you, let me tell ya.

So thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment every once in a while, or stopping by and posting once in a while (Matt, lorddoctor, Charlotte and our errant quizmasters Professor Murder and Stabmaster Arson), or for just plain stopping by. It’s great that we’ve been getting so many of you folks visiting in this year, and I hope you’ll keep coming back down the line.

To mark the occasion, here are some birthday-themed songs for your listening pleasure, because your listening pleasure is what this site is all about.

The Ramones – Happy Birthday (Buy Ramones music)

Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday (Buy It)

The Beatles – Birthday (Buy It)

Cibo Matto – Birthday Cake (Buy It)

Pash – Birthday (website)

And of course I have to thank the cool kids in the ever-growing hahamusic family who link to this site and provide a constant flow of good music, good ideas and good vibes (in no particular order):

DJ Blueprint at this is tomorrow, doctashock and the kids at The Alternakids, indie.mom and alt-gramma at speed of dark, Scholar at Souled On, Nicole at Go Nicole Yourself!, the no-name guy at Midnight At the Lab, Mr. Leonard at floodwatchmusic, Vincent at Fufu Stew, Satchmo at Internettal L’s, Matt at los amigos de durutti, Martini and Jopparelli at Music Selections, the guy who runs Retro Music Snob whose non-internet name I can’t remember, and Lily Kane at Soul Psychedelicyde

And of course my pals Katy at Life in the Time of Katertot, Elise at EliseTobin.com and Contributor Matt at Post-Haste Taste (that food/music post will get done sometime Matt, I swear).

They’re all awesome and you should visit them often.

And I know I’ve been slacking this month, what with real life getting in the way of my blogging enjoyment, but never fear: I’ve got some good stuff in the works for you. Coming soon.

posted by Adam


14 responses to “Hey Hey Hooray! (Birthday)

  1. Happy Birthday Adam! Congratulations, home skillet ;)

  2. Yom Huledet Sameach my brotha.

  3. Happy Birthday! You did it! You really did it.

  4. Hi this is Marty from Martini & Jopparelli Musicselections

    Buon Compleanno (Happy Bithday) from Italy.

    Big up and keep on!

  5. …you say it’s your birthday?! well happy birthday Adam! Continued success to you and to the entire haha team…

  6. Happy birthday good sir and thanks for the linkage. We actually just passed the one year mark ourselves. Keep up the superb commentary. I wish you continued success.

  7. Here’s to another year of staying winning. Happy birthday!

  8. hi there… congrats one your first year of great music… we all enjoyed your selections very much… i’m sure there’s plenty more to come, so keep up the good work… mike
    ps: if you want to contribute a guest mix at my little blog, just mail me at djblueprint@fastmail.fm
    it would be a pleasure…

  9. I just learned how to say Happy Birthday in Chinese this week, too. I can’t really draw characters on here though… kuaile sheng ri, or something like that!

  10. Scholar: Thanks!

    Nicole: Thanks in Hebrew!

    Nate: Thanks?

    Marty: Thanks in Italian!

    Vincent: Thanks!

    doctashock: Thanks! And happy belated to you, sir!

    floodwatch: Thanks!

    Mike: Thanks! I’ll let you know about the mix.

    Colleen: Thanks in Chinese!

  11. Belated Happy Birthday to HaHa Music! It’s really a kick to realize you made it a whole year, isn’t it?

    Cheers to you!

  12. Life often passes us by on a whim. We have no control over these things. We are like down feathers gently sailing through the Autumn dusk. The fresh caca-ing of the mongoose saves nooone.

    hapy birthday nigga

  13. alt-gramma: Haha, yeah. It’s really a testament to how much time I’ve got on my hands.

    satch: You know it brother. Thanks.

  14. Yo Adam —

    (very) bleated Happy Birthday ! Until the past week, I’ve been neglecting my own blog, as well as all the great blogs in my community and circle of music blogging friends, brothers, and sisters. And of course ha ha music is a shining light in that community.

    Here’s to another great year — cheers!

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