Cover Tuesday, Pt. 42

This week, we’ve got some slow-burning funky covers. Just try not to nod your head. It’s nigh-on-impossible.

Klaxons follow in that grand tradition of white artists covering their favorite hip-hop tunes in an ironic way (Ben Folds doing “Bitches Ain’t Shit,” Dynamite Hack doing “Boyz-N-The-Hood,” The Gourds doing “Gin N Juice,” The Vines doing “Ms. Jackson,” everyone and their mother doing “Hey Ya.”). It’s a vibrant, robust tradition for sure. Still, it’s a great song built on a sample of a great song (“Grandma’s Hands” by Bill Withers), and Klaxons do it pretty faithfully.

Klaxons – No Diggity (Blackstreet cover) (Buy Klaxons music)

Leave it to Ben Harper to turn The Beatles into some funky reggae.

Ben Harper – Michelle (Beatles cover) (Buy BH music)

From trumpeteer Roy Hargrove’s first foray into neo-soul, this was the standout track for me. It was no real surprise to find out it was a Funkadelic tune, especially with the group singing and guitar breaks.

RH Factor feat. D’Angelo – I’ll Stay (Funkadelic cover) (Buy It)

Oh, and as a bonus cover track, here’s Go-Go king Chuck Brown covering “No Diggity” too. Not a slow-burner, but funky as hell. Enjoy:

Chuck Brown – No Diggity (Blackstreet cover) (Buy It)

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One response to “Cover Tuesday, Pt. 42

  1. In keeping with your cover theme, have you seen this atrocious album covers before?

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