Cover Tuesday, Pt. 41

Today’s Cover Tuesday features two sets of two-step covers (try saying that five times fast). By “two-step” covers, I mean one artist covering another and then a third artist covering the second. For example:

The English Beat covering Smokey Robinson, and then Fifi (no hit wonder?) covering The English Beat. Smokey’s tune sounds surprisingly at home done as ska, and the addition of bells sure doesn’t hurt. Fifi’s version of “Mirror…” doesn’t make any significant genre leap, but is still a fun little piece of punk.

The English Beat – Tears of a Clown (Smokey Robinson cover) (Buy It)

Fifi – Mirror in the Bathroom (English Beat cover) (Buy It)

And second up, we’ve got Graham Parsons and company covering Aretha, and Graham’s musical children Uncle Tupelo covering a different FBB song. Like Smokey, Aretha translates surprisingly well to a different genre, in this case country. And like Fifi, Uncle Tupelo doesn’t really stretch with their cover, but it’s still solid.

The Flying Burrito Brothers – Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (Aretha Franklin cover) (Buy It)

Uncle Tupelo – Sin City (Flying Burrito Brothers cover) (Buy It)

posted by Adam


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