What Happened?

When did Radiohead turn into pansies? The album ends with the lyric “Because I know today has been the most perfect day I’ve ever seen.” Maybe In Rainbows is THE perfect title for their new PANSY album. Gah, I’d rather listen to On a Friday.

So yeah, ten more listens and I’ll be obsessed. Check out the live version of “Nude” (originally called “Big Ideas”) and then download the album and let me know if you think the album-version is actually an improvement.

Radiohead- Big Ideas (Nude) (“Buy” here)

Posted by Matt


2 responses to “What Happened?

  1. Ha, and I was just about to send you an email asking if you were going to post an album review … You should post another after those ten listens so we know if your prediction was correct.

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