!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (radiohead)

Ten days without sleep.

And I’ll be suckered into paying 40 pounds, you sly British rockers.

posted by Matt


4 responses to “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (radiohead)

  1. Uh, Matt, do you know how much £40 is in USD?

  2. Uh, yes, do you know how much I love Radiohead?

  3. Enough to pay 80-bazillion dollars for the giant pack with the vinyl and the cds and all the extra stuff, let alone regular plain 80 dollars, which is about how much it’ll cost. My favorite thing about this post is the title, which actually made me laugh out loud because of how accurate an expression of Matt’s feelings it is.

  4. I do know of Matt’s love of Radiohead, in fact, he’s the first person who introduced me to them. It’s refreshing to see where his priorities are. You go, Matt!

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