Cover Tuesday, Pt. 38

Hey gang, happy Tuesday. Notice how this week’s cover collection is a bit late today? Well, even if you didn’t, it is. Blame that on a crazy busy start of the week (ie, no time at work to put posts together). But my week is going to get much better, and so is yours. To start with, this week I am offering you a selection of some very sweet covers performed live. Indie rockers covering indie rockers, Brit punkers covering soul, Johnny kicking out the jams, and country rockers slowing it down. This week has it all. Enjoy.

Bright Eyes – Mushaboom (Feist cover) (Buy It)

The Jam – Move on Up (Curtis Mayfield cover) (Buy TJ music)

Johnny Cash – Cocaine Blues (TJ Arnall cover) (Buy It)

My Morning Jacket – Northern Sky (Nick Drake cover) (Buy MMJ music)

posted by Adam


2 responses to “Cover Tuesday, Pt. 38

  1. hehehehe.. bright eyes covering mushaboom.

    i laugh. not in derison, merely skepticism O.o

  2. Holy crap, that was fast. I posted that like two minutes ago… And yeah, the Bright Eyes cover isn’t the best. But it’s live. And it’s a cover. So it fits the bill!

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