You Want Some Ska? I Got Your Ska Right Here…

One of the cool things about WordPress (host to my fanatical ravings here) is that it allows you to see which web-searches brought people to your site. While some of the results are baffling in a disturbing way (say, someone finding hahamusic by searching for “the I hate black people song”), some are baffling in a good way. For example, for the past week, we here at hahamusic have been getting an inordinate amount of traffic from people searching for “ska” or “ska music.” I, seeing this and realizing that I haven’t posted anything resembling ska in a while, decided to dedicate a post to the genre, so the folks visiting the site wouldn’t need to go away empty-handed and disappointed. I won’t pretend to have any encyclopedic knowledge of ska music, but just as a casual fan I can offer a smattering of good stuff. So here we go:

From the Class of ’97, when I first discovered ska via Alternative Rock radio, we have:

Sublime feat. Gwen Stefani – Saw Red (Buy It)

Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Noise Brigade (Buy It)

Rancid – Daly City Train (Buy It)

Reel Big Fish – Beer (Buy It)

Hepcat – I Can’t Wait (Buy It)

NOFX – All Outta Angst (Buy It)

Other good stuff I discovered after that:

The Clash – Wrong ‘Em Boyo (Buy It)

Fishbone – Unyielding Condition (Buy It) Gotta love that opening with those beautiful single-stroke rolls…

The Alpha and the Omega for ska fans:

The Specials – Gangsters

The Specials (feat. Rico) – Guns of Navarone (Live) (Buy It)

And the best recent ska band I’ve heard, defectors from Jersey group Catch-22:

Streetlight Manifesto – Everything Went Numb

Streetlight Manifesto – Failing, Flailing (Buy It)

PS, If you like the kind of things I do around here, you should check out my addition to Scholar’s guest post series over at Souled On. If you don’t like the kind of things I do around here, I’ll have to ask you to kindly leave.

posted by Adam


3 responses to “You Want Some Ska? I Got Your Ska Right Here…

  1. Happy birthday!

  2. love the ska. great post.

    as good as much of the second and third wave ska is, you still can’t beat the original rude boy, the ska and rock steady king Desmond Dekker !

    p.s. appears happy b-day wishes are in order, so happy birthday!

  3. Hey thanks you guys.

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