The Real Life Rock Bands

Hope everyone is having a good extended weekend. I’ve spent mine watching season one of Weeds (Matt, you were right, I do like it) and catching up on some much-needed sleep. But I figured why not also use the time to catch up on blog stuff too, including posting on some sweet bands people have emailed me about.

So first up we have The John Whites (pictured above), led by John White, who consist of (according to the email bio I got) “a ginger-haired troubadour and his band of hooligans.” Listening to the songs, I could definitely see “troubadour,” but maybe not “hooligans” so much. Actually, the first thing I thought of when listening to “My Dead Soldiers” was “Gee, I bet these guys hate the phrase ‘Country-rock'” (as Graham Parsons so infamously did). The melancholy tune, along with “Still In Love” (also melancholy) make a pretty good case for the genre though. What’s that old joke about what you get back if you play country music backwards? You get your dog back, you get your woman back, you get your truck back, etc etc.

The John Whites – My Dead Soldiers

The John Whites – Still In Love

Myspace them up.

Second is the band Mathematics Et Cetera, whose name could be an abbreviated list of things I don’t like. Their music, however, would not be on that list. “Banquet Bears” is all sultry slink with some swing thrown in for good measure (alliteration is fun, huh?), and “Virgin Melody” is the song that will be stuck in my head for the next month and a half. If it wasn’t so good, I’d be angry.

Mathematics Et Cetera – Banquet Bears

Mathematics Et Cetera – Virgin Melody

Myspace them too, and buy the album while you’re there.

Both bands are on the independent label Hotel Palindrome.

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One response to “The Real Life Rock Bands

  1. Haha… soon we’ll have watched the entire HBO and Showtime catalog.

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