Adam Watches TV!

A couple semi-recent commercials with interesting musical choices:

I read an interview with someone from The New Pornographers (maybe A.C. Newman? I don’t remember) where he said that when approached for permission to use “Bleeding Heart Show” for University of Phoenix commercials, he was under the impression that U of P was just a local school, not a national online school. There’s a lesson here for all you aspiring successful musicians: When you get (relatively) big and someone comes to you to ask to use one of your songs in a commercial, do a Google search. It’s so easy and simple. Unless you’ve spent all your earnings on exotic pets (I hear lemurs are cute for about a month and then they turn mean) or something. Then just take the money.

The New Pornographers – The Bleeding Heart Show (Buy It)

A couple things:

1. Do the cavemen on these commercials remind anyone else a little of Val Kilmer? No? Just me then?

2. The cavemen from these GEICO COMMERCIALS (needs to be emphasized) have a sitcom on ABC coming out sometime soon. It will be horrible. I’ve seen clips, and let me repeat: It will be horrible. The show even features Nick Kroll (a favorite NYC comedian), who I’m sure will move on to something better than a caveman sitcom. Because jeez, it’s gonna be horrible.

Röyksopp – Remind Me (Buy It)

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2 responses to “Adam Watches TV!

  1. YES. I second the Val Kilmer resemblance.

  2. Thank god. I thought I was the only one…

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