Cover Tuesday, Pt. 33

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan

So I decided (after spending Sunday morning scouring the web for covers) that for the next few weeks, I would not only share covers with you, but the originals as well. It’ll go like this: This week, we’ll hear some really cool covers, ones where the artist changes the song in some interesting way. Then next week, we’ll hear some covers that add absolutely nothing to the original. And finally, for the third week we’ll hear some covers that absolutely blow the doors off the original. Ready? Originals on top, covers underneath … And here we go!

1. The Libertines – What A Waster (Buy It)

Adam Green – What A Waster (Buy It)

The original here sounds like the soundtrack to junkie apocalypse (think the devolution montage in Trainspotting), while with Green’s, the menace is still there but it’s more numb. Green (pictured above) sounds like the scary guy at the coffeehouse open mic.

2. Sam Cooke – Bring It On Home to Me (Buy It)

Britt Daniels (Spoon) – Bring It On Home to Me (Buy It)

Who knew that Daniels had the pipes to cover Sam Cooke? Dueting with himself, backed by spare percussion (jingle-bells anyone?), he manages to pull it off impressively well.

3. Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out (Buy It)

The Magic Numbers – Take Me Out (Buy MN music)

The Magic Numbers leave some of the dance in the song here, and amp up the beauty in the chorus.

4. The Pixies – Mr. Grieves (Buy It)

TV on the Radio – Mr. Grieves (Buy TVotR music)

Like Britt Daniels, TVotR give this cover a simplistic treatment, going all church choir over one of the Pixies’ poppiest tunes. If the indie-rock gig doesn’t pan out for them, it sounds like they have a pretty promising career as a barbershop quartet too…

And for more hot covers, hit up Soul Psychadelicyde for Eddie Hazel (of Funkadelic — played one of the greatest guitar solos ever on “Maggot Brain) covering “California Dreaming” AND I Am Fuel, You Are Friends for Eddie Vedder and Corin Tucker (of Sleater-Kinney) doing a beautiful rendition of the Gordon Peterson song “Hard Sun.”

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