Cover Tuesday, Pt. 30

You wouldn’t think that much could ruin a Ray Charles song. But sure enough, today’s Cover Tuesday featuring country/bluegrass covers by The Genius starts out with a song that hurts to hear. I may be alone in this, but I can’t stand the choir in “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” especially the beginning. It sounds like Ray is fighting to keep any soul alive in the song, but I’ll leave you to decide for yourselves of course. The others are much better to my ears, and should give you some idea of just how good Ray was at jumping genres and owning a song.

Ray Charles – I Can’t Stop Loving You (Don Gibson cover)

Ray Charles – You Are My Sunshine (Paul Rice cover … probably)

Ray Charles – Blue Moon of Kentucky (Bill Monroe cover)

Ray Charles – Hey Good Lookin’ (Hank Williams cover)

(Buy Ray Charles music)

Oh, and for more cover goodness, head over to Go Nicole Yourself for a zip-file of “Summertime” covers, and Speed of Dark for a GREAT cover of Cream’s “I Feel Free” by Foo Fighters.

posted by Adam


One response to “Cover Tuesday, Pt. 30

  1. I look at that photo and hear “Shake a Tailfeather” in my head. Ray’s great.

    Thanks for the link to him covering Paul Simon. You were right.

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