Summer Mix

Adam listened to the first track and said, “This is way too upbeat for you.” He may be right, but some of my picks may surprise him. My 2007 Summer Mix starts with Los Campesinos’ poppy “You! Me! Dancing!,” ends with two post-punk songs (The Thermals’ “Pillar of Salt” and The Pixies’ “Debaser”), and has a bunch of unfitting songs in between. I did stay true to my roots by adding Radiohead’s newest version of “Arpeggi” which makes me overly excited for their new release. The two songs by Blitzen Trapper are also of note because they’re fun, summery, and different for me.

Los Campesinos- You! Me! Dancing! (buy here)

The National- Mistaken for Strangers (buy here)

My Morning Jacket- Gideon (buy here)

Interpol- No “I” in Threesome (buy here)

Radiohead- Arpeggi (Live) (buy here)

Blitzen Trapper- Devil’s A-Go-Go (buy here)

Set in Sand- Yet Noone’s Surprised (buy record label releases here)

Elizabeth and the Catapult- Momma’s Boy (buy here)

Editors- Heads in Bags (buy here)

Blitzen Trapper- Wild Mountain Nation (buy here)

Ted Leo- Dial Up (buy here)

Sondre Lerche- Human Hands (buy here)

Modest Mouse- Gravity Rides Everything (buy here)

The Thermals- Pillar of Salt (buy here)

The Pixies- Debaser (buy here)

Posted by Matt


3 responses to “Summer Mix

  1. What is the story with Radiohead’s upcoming release? I’m out of the loop because I live under a rock. Well, maybe not under a rock so much as in the middle of nowhere, where I remain mostly unconnected to the rest of the world.

  2. The song may not be typically your taste, but the video is certainly depressing enough to meet your usual standards:
    And maybe soon I’ll stop being lazy and post my own summer mix, since I did promise…

  3. Radiohead may release a new album this Fall. There are some posts on their websites that allude to their almost being done recording the album. So we can start getting antsy. Arpeggi should be on the new album.

    Yes! Slightly odd and depressing video. Now I can justify my attachment to the song.

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