Cover Tuesday, Pt. 25

Photo by Bruce C. Moore

Hey hey and a happy second day of the week to you. Today on Cover Tuesday, we’re featuring covers by the band pictured above, The Bad Plus, from their albums Give and These Are The Vistas. You’ve heard the band before on these pages (I posted their cover of Aphex Twin’s “Flim” a while back), but they have so many other covers in their repertoire that I thought they deserved to have their own Cover Tuesday post. I personally have kind of mixed feelings about one of the songs below (“Smells Like Teen Spirit”), but it’s at least interesting. And the others (especially “Iron Man”) completely make up for it. The rest of the albums (other than the covers) are also pretty incredible and if you like what you hear here, definitely check them out.

The Bad Plus – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)

The Bad Plus – Heart of Glass (Blondie cover) (Buy It)

The Bad Plus – Velouria (Pixies cover)

The Bad Plus – Iron Man (Black Sabbath cover) (Buy It)

PS, For more cover goodness, step on over to Funky16Corners for Cal Tjader’s amazing version of “I Want You Back” and a harrowing tale of near-death. Also, Biochemical Slang has covers of “Summertime” by some of the greats.

posted by Adam


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