Playing Catchup

So yeah, apology time. I’ve had a few emails with music from some pretty cool bands sitting in my inbox for a while. Not even just my email inbox, but my real-life mailbox too. And now, I’m getting off my lazy-youtube-watching ass and finally getting around to posting some of the pretty sweet tracks people have been gracious enough to send my way. Let’s get started!

First up, we have the band Sir Salvatore (pictured above), whose stuff you’ve seen on these pages before. They sent me a new, incredibly hummable track called “Ambalina” from their new forthcoming album (mastered by Carl Saff, who’s worked with CocoRosie, We Ragazzi and Modey Lemon) and with its poppy energy, it’s been distracting me from the drudgery of Microsoft Excell and Access ever since. So I’m endlessly appreciative.

Sir Salvatore – Ambalina (myspace, website)

The Console War (pictured above … kinda) are a little bit darker, both in promo picture and sound. Billed as “Ambient rock from outer space…,” The Console War’s new album Shards doesn’t so much remind me of outer space, but more of crowds of mildly depressed kids wearing sweaters slowly rocking back and forth and shoegazing very late at night in some dingy basement venue. But in a very good way.

The Console War – Hollow Men (myspace)

City-State, another DC-area band sent me their newest album Monument, which even has the (perhaps titular?) Washington Monument on the back cover. The songs on the album evoke a kind of loneliness and isolation that only some of the best bands can pull off (the remix of “Invisible Summer” reminds me a little bit of Kid A, though a little more personal and less robotic). To be honest, I’ve had a personal moratorium on the very kind of somber music that City-State play for a while, but after listening to the album over and over, it’s grown on me. And now I can safely say that Monument is sad music even someone who doesn’t like sad music can enjoy.

City-State – The Dakota

City-State – Invisible Summer (Brownstone Megaphone remix) (Buy It, website, myspace)

And last but not least, we have a whole album of Beastie Boys remixes by a fellow named Leo Nevilo called Beastie Boys Revisited. It’s always fun to hear someone remixing something they obviously feel some love for, and that love comes through strong on these remixes.

Beastie Boys – 3 The Hard Way (Leo Nevilo remix)

Beastie Boys – Triple Trouble (Leo Nevilo remix)

and for comparison:

Beastie Boys – 3 The Hard Way

Beastie Boys – Triple Trouble (Buy It)

Listen to/download Beastie Boys Revisited here, and visit Nevilo’s myspace.

We really do appreciate getting submissions, so send your stuff along and make sure to tell your friends…

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