So Long New York, Hiya New Jersey

So apparently, if you’re looking for some hot single mother action, the Jersey Shore is the place to go…

Well, I’m leaving the hustle and bustle, the sights, the sounds, the smells of New York to relax a little in the relatively serene environment of Jersey for a Relay for Life this weekend. I think it’s generally pretty unfair that Jersey gets such a bad rap. If you actually spend any significant amount of time there, other than on the parkway turnpike where it does in fact smell like 10,000 people farted at once, it’s actually quite nice. And sure, Jersey-ites (Jersey-ans? Jersey-ese?) can be a bit obnoxious in their love for their state, but hey, you might be a little defensive too. Maybe even to the point of getting a tattoo of your homestate and getting violent whenever somebody mentions the phrase “armpit of America.”

Anyway, since I’ll be making the trip this afternoon, I thought I’d post a playlist of some musicians from Jersey, since there are a lot of good ones (you can find a list here). Yeah, there are the obvious ones: Bruce of course. And the less-than-good ones: Skid Row? Bon Jovi? Sorry nostalgiac 80s kids, but Mr. Jovi sucks. Hard. Here are the better ones for you, and hopefully you’ll appreciate your nation’s armpit a little more after listening:

Bruce Springstein – Blinded by the Light (Buy It)

Dizzy Gillespie – Shaw ‘Nuff (Buy Dizzy music)

The Misfits – Attitude (Buy Misfits music)

Paul Simon – Obvious Child (Buy It)

Yo La Tengo – Autumn Sweater (Buy It)

George Clinton – Computer Games (Buy It)

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – Biomusicology (Buy It)

The Fugees – Zealots (Buy It)

Count Basie & His Orchestra (feat. Lester Young) – Clap Hands! Here Comes Charlie (Buy It)

Catch-22 – Keasbey Nights (Buy It)

Oh, and if you’re in the charitable mood, here’s a link where you can donate for Relay for Life. It’s a good cause, so if you’ve got some cash just lying around stressing you out, feel free to unload it there and feel better about yourself.

posted by Adam


4 responses to “So Long New York, Hiya New Jersey

  1. The parkway doesn’t smell bad… not like the Turnpike…

    Stellar list. I love NJ.

  2. Also, Thursday and My Chemical Romance are from the Jers, so it has some solid post-hardcore action.

  3. Ahhhhh right, the turnpike. Sorry.
    And gotta love that phrase “post-hardcore”

  4. didn’t we have a conversation including the discussion of “post-hardcore” and what you call people from New Jersey…i kinda like New Jersey-ese.
    Anyway, i like the list.
    and Katy, i told him all about new brunswick’s claim to hardcore fame.

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