Cover Tuesday, Pt. 23

Happy Tuesday everybody … I’ve got some good covers of some political songs today; seeing as how absurd the poltical landscape is right now (as always I guess), I thought it’d be appropriate. Seeing the coverage of the various presidential debates always leaves “Electioneering” stuck in my head anyway, and I really like the cover below. Randy Newman’s “Political Science” (“all around even our old friends put us down”) and Junior Murvin’s “Police and Thieves” (“scaring the nation with their guns and ammunition”) seem just as relevant today as when they were first performed, and of course Sufjan’s majestic version of our national anthem is …well … majestic. Enjoy.

Easy Star Allstars – Electioneering (Radiohead cover) (Buy It)

Jeff Tweedy – Political Science (Randy Newman cover) (Buy Wilco music)

The Clash – Police and Thieves (Junior Murvin cover) (Buy It)

Sufjan Stevens – The Star Spangled Banner (Buy Sufjan music)

posted by Adam


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