Memorial for a Weekend

Had a really nice and relaxing weekend, mostly thanks to the weather holding out and someone very cool coming in from out of town. Going back to work tomorrow doesn’t seem so great, but with the help of some new (or new to me) music I’ve been listening to, it shouldn’t be as hard. From the amount these songs have been on repeat around here, I have a feeling they’ll ease your transition too.

They Might Be Giants – Yeh Yeh (Buy It)

I still count a TMBG show that Contributor Matt and I went to as one of my favorite concerts of all time. More often than not, it’s the audience that makes the show for me, and you couldn’t ask for a better one. It was right after the release of their children’s album “No!” and they played outside at the Baltimore Science Center to a crowd that was about half children under 10, who were all having the time of their lives. This song is fun too.

The Go! Team – Grip Like a Vice (Buy TG!T music)

The first leaked song from the new album by our favorite indie rock/rap/awesome musical cheerleaders The Go! Team does not disappoint. It keeps with the high energy, “could be the song for a sports movie training-montage” feel, which is absolutely a good thing. Scratch that, a GREAT thing.

Mark Ronson with Amy Winehouse – Valerie (Zutons cover) (Buy It … eventually)

I was thinking of saving this beauty for a Cover Tuesday, but it’s just too good to hold on to. I know there’s kind of a lack of love for Ms. Winehouse on the blogs (apparently all of the UK thinks she’s over-rated), but nobody can say she doesn’t have the voice of a goddess. And proving that Motown never quite died, Ronson crafts one of the catchiest (I’ve been humming it nonstop for the past few days) songs I’ve heard in a long long time. The drums, the horns, the piano … it’s just too close to perfect. There’s not much more I can say, other than play it loud, over and over.

Pash – ABCD

Pash – What Do We Always Say

Going to school in Fredericksburg (VA), Pash (pictured above) was that ubiquitous campus band that was always playing around town and at school functions. And yet, despite that and having mutual friends with various band members, I (not intentionally) managed to go four years without ever seeing them perform. That is until last Tuesday night, when I finally got some idea why they were such a big deal in our sleepy southern college town. The band played a show at Lit here in NYC and despite the kinda crappy sound (couldn’t really hear the drums much), they blew the doors off the basement space with an amazing stage presence and energy. I picked up their newest album and have been playing it on repeat at work, particularly the above tracks. Be sure to hit up their website, their myspace and definitely GO TO A SHOW if they’re in your area.

And hey, here’s hoping all of you had a nice time on your respective long weekends too.

posted by Adam


2 responses to “Memorial for a Weekend

  1. thanks so much dude. That really means a lot. We’ll see you next time around.

  2. My pleasure, and best of luck with the rest of the tour

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