Cover Tuesday, Pt. 19

What better way to welcome everyone back to the working week (one day deep) than with some good covers? My weekend (spent tripping down to Virginia and back — Congrats again to all you Class of ’07-ers) was quite relaxing, partly due to one Ms. Carmen McRae playing on my MP3 player. I recently got her album …Sings Lover Man and Other Billie Holiday Classics (Buy It) which, as you can probably tell from the title, is an album entirely comprised of songs made famous by Billie Holiday. So I thought I’d share some of them with you, since y’know, I have this feature where I share covers with you on a weekly basis. Keep your ears open for the understated horn opening on “God Bless the Child.” And hey, have a great Tuesday!

Carmen McRae – I Cried Over You

Carmen McRae – Strange Fruit

Carmen McRae – What A Little Moonlight Can Do

Carmen McRae – God Bless The Child

posted by Adam


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