Dig That Crazy Email!

When I first saw the band name Tereu Tereu in my email inbox, I immediately thought of the possible record review titles: “Tereu Tereu debut EP Tereu-fic!” or the slightly unkind “Tereu Tereu debut EP Tereu-ble.” But no worries fellas, judging from the tracks that I’ve heard, I’m going with the former. Out of Fredericksburg, VA, the band has been working with Jason Caddell from Dismemberment Plan on their soon-to-be-released EP Feline Ambition. I’m definitely liking the song they sent over, “Furwinked,” especially the trumpet/guitar interplay in the beginning. Check it out below:

Tereu Tereu – Furwinked (The Lion /Bear Song)

And when you’re done there, head over to their Myspace page to be their friend and to listen to more.

While I couldn’t think of any clever review titles for the band Sir Salvatore, I enjoyed the stuff they sent my way anyway. Their email says that they’ve been “favorably compared to The Strokes, Tapes n’ Tapes, Pavement, The Pixies, Polvo, Death Cab For Cutie and The Long Winters.” And while I can understand the Strokes one (the beat on “Hooray This Projector” is the same one The Strokes ripped off “American Girl”), the band definitely seems to have their own cool lo-fi sound.

Sir Salvatore – Hooray This Projector

Visit their website, and email them at sirsalvatore@gmail.com to buy a copy of the EP, Those Men Are Not Astronauts.

Thanks to both Tereu Tereu and Sir Salvatore for sending us their stuff, and hey, if you make music and want an audience, send a sample along and we’ll post it on up.

A couple non-email related notes: Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, needs to go to gorilla vs. bear and get the Erykah Badu/Madlib collaboration they’ve got posted. NOW. Also, over at The Alternakids, doctashock has posted a pretty sweet list of WordPress blogs. We here at hahamusic think WordPress is cool and encourage you to check out the other music blogs that use it too.

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4 responses to “Dig That Crazy Email!

  1. Oh hey! I know some of those guys!

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