Snowden and fights with an audience


I first heard this band riding in a car with some friends a few weeks ago. Here’s how the conversation in the car went:

Me: This song is sweet.

Friend A: Yeah I saw these guys a while back, they were really good and the bassist is a hot Asian chick.

Friend B: Nice.

Friend A’s girlfriend: The bassist? You won’t shut up about that f#$%ing bassist. Is that the only reason you like the band?

Friend A: She was just really cool, I’ve never seen a bassist that looks like that before.

Friend A’s girlfriend: You’re an asshole.

Friend A: What? I’m just saying she was interesting.

Friend A’s girlfriend: [In a patronizing tone] Yeah okay.

Me and friend B: [In our minds] Don’t say anything else man!

Friend A: You were the one that called her the hot Asian bassist.

Me and friend B: [In our minds] Crap.

Things only got worse from there…but It stands as a testament to the quality of the music that I was able to enjoy it so thoroughly despite having my friends all pissed off at each other. Oh and I hear the bassist is hot!

Here’s the video for their big single (and title track) “Anti-Anti”.

Off the same album my favorite would have to be this one.

Snowden – Black Eyes (Buy the album)

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