“Being a pro-war pundit means never having to say you’re sorry”

I know we don’t discuss political issues much here, mostly since this site is often an avenue of escape from thinking about real life for myself. But I just finished watching a tv program that I felt compelled to share with as large an audience as possible, and what better place than here? The program was an episode of Bill Moyers Journal called “Buying the War,” a detail of how the mainstream American press colluded with and aided the Bush administration in the lead-up to the Iraq War. The report presented evidence that the press, both television and print, ignored its sacred duty to investigate and find the FACTS, and rather allowed itself to be relegated to a second-rate mouthpiece for an administration that was determined to do whatever was necessary to go to war with Iraq. Moyers raises an incredible array of very troubling questions, including, “What is the role of journalism in this country when the mainstream media can become almost completely influenced and even controlled by the people in power, especially when those in power aren’t telling the truth?” Moyers also brings up the idea of corporate interests guiding news coverage, especially in an environment when most Americans get their political information from tv news networks, which are almost exclusively parts of industrial conglomerates or at the very least, heavily beholden to the interests and wills of private industries. If you are at all concerned about the state of politics in our country, go here to watch the program (just click “Watch Video”) or read the transcript. You should also watch the most recent program, which features an illuminating interview with Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, who talks about many of the same issues addressed in “Buying the War,” but maybe from a more “everyman,” and definitely funnier perspective. Go here to watch or read. And watch keep your eye on the tv schedule for Bill Moyers. There isn’t much on these days that brings the truth.

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