Creed sucks! I hate you!! I hate the bands you like!!!


I saw the Killers tonight. They were a lot of fun. Yay. I’m seeing Muse tomorrow. My ticket says My Chemical Romance and doesn’t mention Muse. Boo. Here are two songs I hope Muse plays:

Muse – Shrinking Universe

Muse – Citizen Erased

Both of these songs are from the Hullabaloo Soundtrack which is a fantastic album. You can also catch Shrinking Universe in the second half of the 28 Weeks Later trailer right here. A fantastic trailer… perhaps due to this song? You be the judge. (Buy the album).

I won’t post any killers stuff because I know at least one Haha contributor isn’t a fan. However I gotta say “All These Things That I’ve Done” is fun to sing along to in a packed stadium.

I must also say I did not think much of My Chemical Romance until I recently learned I have to go to their show to see Muse. I still don’t like the feeling I get that their label cuts their hair and dresses them. It’s just hard not to like a band that has a zombie dance video.

Before I go I’m supposed to to apologize for Professor Murder and Stabmaster Arson. They’ve evidently been sick, injured, and out of the country. Professor Murder wanted everyone to know that he, “Don’t have time to bleed”. Also Stabmaster Arson accused me of pushing too many pencils. Finally they advised that everyone use this time to study for the comprehensive final coming up before the summer break.

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2 responses to “Creed sucks! I hate you!! I hate the bands you like!!!

  1. I don’t necessarily DISLIKE The Killers …

  2. I saw a sign at Coachella this weekend that read “Even Jesus Hates Creed”

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