Cover Tuesday, Pt. 16

So this week’s celebration of cover songs and Tuesdays can be called “Oh crap, I completely forgot about the weekly covers post, let alone to actually come up with a theme for this week’s Cover Tuesday and slapped together some songs really quickly late Monday night, I hope no one cares.” Yeah, we’re a mess recently (you may have noticed there wasn’t even a Thursday Night Quiz last week). We’ll get it together soon. Probably. While you’re waiting though, enjoy this random smattering of covers. Though they’re all good, the first and the last songs are especially recommended.

Soulive – Jesus Children (Stevie Wonder cover) (Buy It)

Keller Williams – Freakshow (Ani Difranco cover) (Buy It)

Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Neat Neat Neat (The Damned cover) (Buy It)

David Bowie – Let’s Spend the Night Together (Rolling Stones cover) (Buy It)

The Bad Plus – Flim (Aphex Twin cover) (Buy It)

posted by Adam


2 responses to “Cover Tuesday, Pt. 16

  1. I was reading an article about a rap song and popped on your website to look at some of the latest Thursday Night Quizzes. I feel as though you and your crew might find the following link amusing. It’s a graphical analysis of “This is Why I’m Hot.” Venn diagrams and all!!,harvilla,76021,22.html

  2. Good work as always Adam, there’s a reason Bowie is on the awesome list, it was no mistake.

    “Mims is hot like Mims. It doesn’t get hotter than that.” I love it.

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