Sometimes People Send Me Emails…

Every once in a while, I’ll get an email from a promoter or band who has stumbled across the blog, has seen the text in the upper-right saying something about bands sending us stuff and us posting said stuff, and sends us stuff to post. Most of those emails are music that the staff here don’t really enjoy too much (club/techno stuff mostly — not to say it’s bad, just not our speed). But here are a couple that we actually enjoyed:

When you think of a band called Deathbot, you might picture a Norwegian death-metal band who take themselves and their Nordic anger music VERY seriously. Not so much the San Fransisco country/folk rockers pictured above. These guys sound like the product of bonfires on beaches … in the good way.

Deathbot – Don’t Love Nothing

Deathbot – Patiently

Check out Deathbot’s website and their myspace, where you can buy their debut EP How to Feel The Heat when it comes out.

Saturna, out of Portland, pair a more epic sound (especially on the track “Roll Down,” which has been on repeat around here for the past few days) with a leather jacket garage-rock mentality, to great result.

Saturna – Roll Down

Saturna – Pop Rocks

Buy the EP and check out their website.

And hey, KEEP SENDING US EMAILS!!! We like getting forced out of our “only listening to old music” comas every once in a while.

posted by Adam

2 responses to “Sometimes People Send Me Emails…

  1. midnightatthelab

    Hey, thanks for the link! I love your blog.

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