Cover Tuesday, Pt. 14

It’s Tuesday! Are you excited? I certainly am, if for nothing else than the fact that I get to provide you with some great covers. This week’s theme is covers of songs from TV shows and movies. And we’ve got some especially fun ones for you.

Blind Melon – Three Is a Magic Number (Schoolhouse Rock cover) (Buy It) This blissful version of a song teaching kids about the power and importance of the number 3 comes from an album that includes Biz Markie covering “The Energy Blues.” Good stuff.

Bad Livers – Lust for Life (Iggy Pop cover) (Buy Bad Livers music) I laughed out loud the first time I heard this version. Most recently it was used/made famous again in the film Trainspotting, then used to advertise family cruises. On the commercials they don’t use the full less-than-family-friendly lyrics, which include references to ear sex, “liquor and drugs” and torture films …

Elvis Costello – Little Boxes (Malvina Reynolds cover) (Buy It) Now, I’ve never actually seen the show Weeds but friends have recommended it, and I got a laugh from the “perfume sample ad, but with the smell of marijuana” ad in Rolling Stone. Another thing to like about the show is the different versions of this song (made famous by Pete Seeger) they use.

Blind Boys of Alabama – Way Down in The Hole (Tom Waits cover) (Buy It) And speaking of different versions … If you’ve talked to me about tv in the past few months, I’ve told you that I’m big into the Baltimore drug-crime show The Wire. And one of the many sweet things about the show is the different versions of this Tom Waits tune for each season. I like the Blind Boys’ version second best, with Waits’ coming in first, mostly because of the horns. That’s still saying a lot for this one though.

Chuck Brown – 2001 (That’ll Work) (Richard Strauss cover) (Buy It) Man, Chuck Brown could cover anything and make it sound oh-so-damn-funky. Popping this on would be a perfect cure to a crappy mood.

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