Cover Tuesday, Pt. 8

Today’s Cover Tuesday features some of my favorite Blues covers, some by overrated artists (Rolling Stones) and some by criminally under-appreciated (Taj Mahal, R.L. Burnside). A funny note about the Taj Mahal cover: In the extensive/quirky liner notes for The American Anthology of Folk Music (Buy It), it’s mentioned that the original “Fishin’ Blues” is one of the very few blues/folk songs about fishing that is actually about fishing and not, as might be expected, a euphemism/metaphor for sex. As someone who has a blues-musician friend who has a fishing song blatantly about sex, I’d believe it.

Taj Mahal – Fishin’ Blues (Henry Thomas cover) (Buy It)

Johnny Cash – Goodnight Irene (Leadbelly cover) (Buy Johnny Cash music)

R.L. Burnside – Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (Skip James cover) (Buy It)

The Rolling Stones – Love in Vain (Robert Johnson cover) (Buy It)

The Allman Brothers Band – Hoochie Coochie Man (Muddy Waters cover) (Buy It)

posted by Adam


2 responses to “Cover Tuesday, Pt. 8

  1. you know, i’d never considered fishing to be a valid euphemism for sex until i heard that song by our mutual blues-singing friend. i guess that’s what college is for: teaching you new and subtle ways to make sex jokes.

    who knew that this was common in blues? i guess i can knock dave’s creepy factor down a few notches for learning that he was just being true to his genre.

  2. I have Taj Mahal’s “Fishin’ Blues” on vinyl, circa 1969, but at present my turntable is not set up since I moved last year and I do not have a way to rip those songs. So thanks for posting this track!

    @ Speed of Dark

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