Stuck in My Head, Day 3

I know that the World of Blog has been raging about this new video for the Lily Allen song “Alfie,” and with good reason. I don’t have a puppet younger brother, or even a younger brother for that matter, but I know a couple people who could identify with the exasperated older sister here. Only they couldn’t write a song half as catchy and fun as this one. Once again, Contributor Charlotte is months ahead of the rest of us (she profiled Allen, with Lady Sovereign here) and now I have to admit that she was right AGAIN. Eventually I’ll get tired of having to ‘fess up and just take her word for everything. In the meantime though:

Lily Allen – Alfie (Buy It)

posted by Adam


5 responses to “Stuck in My Head, Day 3

  1. Lily Allen is one cool chick. I don’t like this one quite as much as “Smile” but it’s pretty damn cool.

  2. Stuck in my head day 2. Thanks a lot for that.

  3. way to go charlotte! you’re so ahead of the curve. i know that i would never doubt a recommendation that you made, unlike some people…

  4. Lorddoctor, you have no idea. I haven’t been able to SLEEP because of this song.

  5. Hey wait, are you saying I couldn’t write a catchy song like this despite having a younger brother… like the one I have? Pshhh…

    Well, now the stuck in my head playlist has grown to include this too.

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