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Regina Spektor Begin To Hope

My guilty pleasure of late is Regina Spektor, specifically her concert aired on NPR’s Live Concert Series.

With nothing to do at work and all of the worthwhile radio stations blocked, I found that NPR’s archives are fair game. I randomly tried her concert and found it helps pass the hours of playing minesweeper and free cell. The concert starts off with some annoying comments from a NPR employee, but Regina soon takes over with her overpowering concert hall-style voice. As the concert progresses, she introduces quirkier songs.

Through her lyrics and singing styles, she creates stories around fictional characters, unless she truly heard someone next door fucking to one of her songs in “Bobbing for Apples”. Although cheesy at times, her singing style becomes entirely playful and nearly sincere in “Baby Jesus” and “That Time.” In the “rock driven” song, “Your Honor,” she shows her ability to imitate an angry singer with her power-trip lyrics. She convinces me that she could be fiery and nearly makes me want to fall for yet another redhead.

Some of her songs are cutesy pop and get annoying after a while, but the songs are crafty and her voice is impressive. “Apres Moi” is the most notable song in the set with intriguing lyrics and Regina delivers a great performance (yet the original recording flows better). The concert is worth a listen and her website streams samples of all her recorded songs.

Listen to the concert.

Visit her website where you can sample and buy her music.


posted by Matt


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