Aw Hell Naw!

freddy-boy.jpg I strolled back home with a grin on my grill…

A) I theorize that due to the fact that this conflagration is in fact a phantasma, there is no valid dispute against my exhibiting hep behavior

B) Will: Carlton, I misjudged you. You’re a lot cooler than I thought. Hey, you wanna go to the club with us tonight?
Carlton: I don’t have a date.
Will: Carlton, never bring a sandwich to a buffet.

C) I think that since this is a dream I might as well get ill.

Last week’s answer was in fact B. But we give YOU an A for effort!

Scarface – On my Block (Buy the album)
posted by Professor Murder and Stabmaster Arson


One response to “Aw Hell Naw!

  1. A, just because you don’t hear the word ‘hep’ anymore as much you should.

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