“I Can’t Hear You…”

When I was 15, a very beautiful girl introduced me to The Coup by way of a tape of their first two albums, Genocide and Juice and Steal This Album. After listening to the tape, I was completely smitten with both the girl and The Coup. You have to understand that age 15 I was in full blown suburban entitled-white-revolutionary mindset, reading Che Guevara’s Guerilla Warfare instead of paying attention in class and rocking the Rage Against the Machine t-shirt in my school picture. On my last trip home I actually found some bumper-stickers tucked away in a drawer from that time, including one that said “I’d Rather Be Fighting Imperialism.” So when I heard Boots Riley rapping about starting the revolution, it clicked big time. Dude was pissed and I was DOWN.

Well, the girl turned out to be a lesbian. These things happen. But I still listen to The Coup, especially Steal This Album, which includes my favorite track by the group, the epic “Me and Jesus the Pimp in a ’79 Grenada Last Night.” The video stars Boots Riley and the incredible Roger Guenveur Smith as the titular Jesus. Smith was a regular in Spike Lee joints for a while, and let me tell you, if you want to see acting do what you can to track down a copy of A Huey P. Newton Story, the film version of the Lee-directed one-man play about the Black Panthers founder.

Anyway, “Me and Jesus…” paints the picture of a pimp-in-training who realizes that he has to avenge his mother’s death by killing his father and mentor, and includes the most badass reference to Macs ever. But Boots tells it better than me … Enjoy.

The Coup – Me and Jesus the Pimp in a ’79 Grenada Last Night (Buy It)

And for all you sample-heads:
Parliament-Funkadelic – Swing Down Sweet Chariot (Buy It)

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